-BORN IN THE LOIRE VALLEY AT ST MACAIRE , FRANCE. -EDUCATION: STUDIED IN FRANCE , LIVING SCHOOL AT 16 , FOLLOWED BY A TRAINING AS DENTAL TECHNICIAN, STUDIED ART AND CLAY MODELLING AT EVENING CLASSES AT LE PUY EN VELAY IN AUVERGNE AND AT THONON LES BAINS , HAUTE SAVOIE.   -  MOVED TO BRITAIN IN 1979, WORKED IN LONDON AT THE FULHAM POTTERY.                 -  STUDIED CERAMICS AT HARROW SCHOOL OF ART, GAINED A DIPLOMA IN STUDIO POTTERY. - CERAMIC PROJECTS WITH ARTIST PAINTER  JOHN PIPER, CERAMICS EXHIBITED AT DAN KLEIN GALLERY , LONDON.                                                                                                                      - CERAMIC TECHNICIAN AND PART TIME LECTURER AT THE CENTRAL SCHOOL OF ART &DESIGN.                                                                                                                                                        - CERAMIC PROJECTS WITH SCOTTISH ARTIST BRUCE MCLEAN AT THE FULHAM POTTERY WHICH LED TO EXHIBITIONS IN LONDON AND EDINBURG AT THE SCOTTISH GALLERY.         - CERAMIC PROJECT WITH PAINTER PHOLIP SUTTON ( R.A.) AT THE FULHAM POTTERY SHOWN AT THE AGNEWS GALLERY , LONDON.                                                                                      - 88-89 MOVED TO RURAL WALES IN TREGARON ,MID WALES AND SET UP HIS FIRST ARTIST STUDIO.                                                                                                                                                           -  EXHIBITIONS AT THE ABERYSTWYTH ART CENTRE " IN THE FIRST PLACE" , WORK IN SGRAFFITO DECORATION , EXHIBITED IN VARIOUS GALLERIES ,AMALGAM GALLERY, OPEN GALLERY , EDINBURG, THE ROYAL EXCHANGE ,MANCHESTER , AND DID PARTICIPATION AT THE CHELSEA CRAFT FAIR.                                                                                                                        -95 LARGE MOSAIC COMMISSIONED BY THE NATIONAL MUSEUM OF WALES , CARDIFF FROM A DESIGN BY  PATRICK CAULFIELD TITLED " FLOWERS, LILY PAD, PICTURES AND LABELS". THE MASAIC IS OVER 6 METER DIAMETER WITH A TOTAL OVER 8000 INDIVIDUAL MOSAIC PIECES.                                                                                                                                                            - MOSAIC PROJECT COMMISSIONED BY THE NHS HOSPITAL , ABERYSTWYTH, THE DESIGN IS BASED ON AN ANCIENT CELTIC DESIGN.                                                                                                - 99  EXHIBITION " THE CAT SCATCHED LITTLE JOHNNY" , ABERYSTWYTH ART CENTRE , CONTEMPORARY CERAMICS FROM WALES.                                                                                              - " THE SNAKE IN THE GARDEN" TOURING SLIPWARE EXHIBITION IN BRITAIN.                         -RECEIVED AN AWARD IN 2006 BY THE ART COUCIL OF WALES FOR RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT IN CERAMICS.                                                                                                                    - MOVED TO FRANCE IN 2007 AND SET UP HIS CEARIC STUDIO IN THE MARAIS POITEVIN AT LE VANNEAU-IRLEAU NOT FAR FROM NIORT AND LA ROCHELLE.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


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Salon tout feu tout flamme, Saint-leu-la-foret. www.SAINTLEUARTEXPO.FR
JEAN-PAUL LANdreau est membre exclusif des ateliers d'art de france. www.ateliersdart.com
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salons  a l'etranger

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